Global Missions

Global Missions

Tim & Nancy Moore

Tim & Nancy Moore

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Our international workers in Thailand.

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August 25 Upate:
Good Morning Lake Windemere Alliance Church Family!

It is with grateful hearts that we thank you for a number of gifts to us. Number one we so appreciate your prayers. This being away from family has taught us some new lessons about parenting and being on our knees before our heavenly Father. We think your gracious prayers on the Moore family behalf brings us confidence in the Family of God more than you will ever know.

Secondly we have just received our donations report, and we thank you, for your financial support for our ministry. You are doing good work over here in Phuket. Yes we are your representative.

Here is a point form update;

  • Tim has taken on the Interim Lead Pastor role at All Nations Church Phuket. Our former lead pastor has returned to Canada.
  • Nancy begins a dental and hygiene clinic in Koh Sirey a gypsy village. This work has already seen several villagers become very interested in the Kingdom story.
  • Tuesday mornings Tim is leading 3 men in a discipleship group. These guys are a real pleasure to disciple
  • We have 9 men in our ANCP Golfer Gang! This is an outreach group really…
  • Because of the relief work in Koh Sirey by our FFI team, Tim has been asked to disciple two “lady-boys” (BTW, lady-boy is an appropriate term in Thailand) who desire to begin to present as men
  • One man who we met this morning, Albert (from the UK) desires to be discipled towards baptism
  • September 13 at 6:00am is my first wedding ceremony to be conducted on Rawi Beach

Thank you again LWAC for partnering with us in cross-cultural ministry and in caring for our family. Your support and care mean a grate deal to us and we thank the Lord Jesus for you often.

With gratitude and peace;
Tim and Nancy

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July Update:

We discovered we could obtain a one year educational visa without leaving the country. PTL. We are enrolled in Thai language classes now. Fun stuff for sure. You folks have been our core supporting churches and we are asking if you might prayerfully consider helping us with the cost of obtaining this visa. The cost is $9,000 Canadian. I thank you sincerely for having your church family consider helping with this expense.