At Lake Windermere Alliance Church we are a caring church.  We believe that one of the best ways to show our love for the Lord is to serve.  When we serve each other, and not just on Sundays, we are serving the Lord – a practice of authentic Christianity.
We are proud to have a vibrant collection of programs designed to serve each other.  From our children’s and youth programs to local study groups and missions work abroad, we invite you to get to know our programs and join in!

Prayer Chain

Every Wednesday at 7 pm at Lake Windermere Alliance Church, a regular prayer group comes together for prayer and for praise.  We would be happy to pray for your request.  If you have a prayer request for yourself or someone else, give us a call at 250.342.9535 or send an email.   You can choose to remain anonymous or you can provide your email address so members can…

Bible Study Groups

Within the Lake Windermere Alliance Church family we have several groups that meet on a regular basis for prayer or bible study or encouragement… or all three! Please feel free to contact the church office or Pastor Trevor if you would like more information regarding any of the current Life Groups. If you would be interested in launching a new Life Group please…